What are the two aspects of the safety of the EV charging gun?
What are the two aspects of the safety of the EV charging gun?

What are the two aspects of the safety of the EV charging gun?

 What are the two aspects of the safety of the EV charging gun? The car ev charging gun manufacturer Khons New Energy recommends it to you, as follows:
1. Safety of mechanical properties
(1). In the choice of materials
First of all, there should be strict requirements for the plastic material of the gun body, and it must have different environmental requirements such as high temperature resistance and low temperature.
(2). It is the requirement of the cable. It not only needs to limit the diameter of the cable and the thickness of the film, but also has to pass the tests of high temperature resistance and aging resistance to ensure long-term use without oxidation.
(3). The requirements for the overall structural design of the gun, if the design is unreasonable, may not cause an intuitive impact in the short term, and once it has been devastated by long-term wind and sun, the brittleness will gradually become prominent. "It may be easy to break on the ground, and this will cause psychological fear to the user. Even the user will question the safety of the EV charging gun in a partial manner. The structural design must be strictly followed. China's standards to do, this is an important issue to consider outside the standard."

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2 electrical performance safety
Mainly reflected in the reliability of the internal metal terminals of the EV charging gun. The reliability of the terminal directly determines the tightness of the charging connection C 1 , and the tightness will bring two direct effects, - the temperature rise of the gun body during the connection process, and the heating of the cable will cause the unsafe hidden danger; It is reflected in the tightness of the terminal plating. If the tightness is not designed properly, it will cause the interface to be too loose or too tight when inserting and pulling the gun. “Repeating tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of times, if the plating is It is not handled well and is easily oxidized and worn out, which directly affects the use of the gun and the safety of the entire electrical process. In addition, it is the processing of the entire mold, subject to strict heat treatment, and a total of 21 inspections.

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