How to ensure the safety of AC ev charging gun charging?
How to ensure the safety of AC ev charging gun charging?

How to ensure the safety of AC charging gun charging?

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the automotive industry, electric vehicles charging are no longer a new word. While people pay attention to the performance of electric vehicles, the charging problem of AC charging guns has always been a concern of car owners. How can we ensure the stability of AC charging gun charging?
 The characteristics of the AC charging gun are very clear. Firstly, the interface size and product performance need to fully meet the requirements of China's standards. Secondly, due to the danger of electrical energy, the protection should be considered. The AC charging gun not only requires the overall protection level. To achieve the standard, and the protection of the core contact parts also need to meet the standards, only in this way can ensure that there is no leakage during use, and can be used for a long time; and the head size of the AC charging gun is appropriate under the premise of meeting the size requirements. Zoom in, no screws or metal parts are exposed to the outside, because the metal is an electrical conductor, and the contact will endanger life. The charging gun should protect the user's personal protection as much as possible.
The AC charging gun is made up of many parts, including the charging gun plug terminal, wire tube, etc. If you want to have a safe, quality charging gun.

Khons New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of new energy vehicle charging equipment. The company has an outstanding technical research and development team, management personnel, advanced and complete testing equipment. Independent research and development of new energy intelligent AC charging piles, simple AC charging piles, wall-mounted charging piles, AC charging guns, DC charging guns, and has passed the test of China Tianjin Automobile Research Center, with independent research and development of product design and utility model rights. At the same time, it has passed the ISO9001 (2015) quality management system certification, strictly implemented standardized production management, and common development with the society.
With technological innovation, GSA Technology will continue to focus on the accumulation of technology in the field of electric vehicle charging, and continuously optimize the process of product development, supply, service, etc., aiming to provide customers with stable, safe and cost-effective products, and continue to create long-term value for customers.

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