How long does ev car charge at home? 3.3KW portable ev chargers

How long does ev car charge at home? 3.3KW portable ev charger

For many owners who are not convenient to install charging piles, it is recommended to purchase a portable ev charger with a 16A plug and 3.3KW. Plug directly into the 220V 16A air conditioner socket to ev charge. Among the many 16A 3.3KW new energy car charger brands.
Use Khons to get 3.3KW charger, plug directly into 220V 16A air conditioner socket to charge, nissan leaf measured charging power is about 2.6kw-3.2kw. According to the charging power of 3KW, the time to fully charge than the nissan leaf is 17.6kWh ÷ 3kw = 5.8h (hours). This charging speed is the same as the speed of the household wall-mounted charging pile, which is faster than the one with the car. More time.

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For new energy vehicle charging, the most important thing is to consider the safety of charging. The reason why the Khons ev charger is recommended is because the Khons charger is safe. Khons ev charger has built-in temperature sensor, which can monitor the temperature during charging in real time. If the temperature is too high, it will automatically power off and ensure safety.
Khons ev charger are made of high quality materials with insulation, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, rain and water resistance. And Khons ev rechargeable guns have over-voltage protection, lightning protection, output short-circuit protection, leakage protection and overcurrent protection.

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