electric vehicle charging stations manufacturers, automobile charging station
electric vehicle charging stations manufacturers, automobile charging station

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Manufacturers

  • Quality: KHONS products are the most cost-effective made of 302 technical parts, which have gone through 71 processes of planning, design, precision machining, production, and 48 hours of aging experiments. Each of the accessories has inspected by 28 technicians.


  • R&D TEAM: We have 5 Ph.D. technical staff keeping updating our products all the time, 4 of which are from Southwest Jiaotong University which is very famous in the global high-speed rail project. Our products have undergone many tests, such as roller compaction and waterproof testing, etc.


  • Efficiency: We can offer 2,000 sets per month, and we follow the principle that “Lead time for sample order is 1 day; mass order can be received within 10 days. ”


  • Service: We have a professional service team that focuses on the EV industry for five years. Our business has hit Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and other regions. We would offer you more professional business development plans. We can provide the production process videos and help track logistics information to ensure that customers receive the goods well.


  • Technical support: We provide overseas technical support. All products purchased from our company are guaranteed to keep in good repair for one year.
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China’s first manufacturer of adjustable 1 phase to 3 phase portable EV charger.