KHONS Portable EV Charger with Bluetooth and Wifi-G2S Series

KHONS Portable EV Charger with Bluetooth and Wifi-G2S Series

As the EV industry becomes more mature and stable, the various portable EV charger on the market make it difficult for customers to choose. Khons has been developing the best ev chargers for many years since 2012, and now we have launched a new version of ev chargers.


We provide our customers with a version of G2S, which is the updated version of G2. Although the appearance didn't change, we have added a function that the charger can be controlled by APP through bluetooth and Wifi. This will make your charging process more convenient.



With Bluetooth/Wifi Connected, user will easily change the charging current, delay charging time, and check the charging status.



Users can get the detailed charging datas to check the charging process through app.

Best choice for home charging. 

Charging current will not be limited to 6A-10A-16A-24A-32A. 6A-32A can be changed easily.



APP only compatible with Android system, APK available.

Data only show the current charging status(Other functions are still under developing)




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