Stationary charging station for electric vehicles. J1772 or IEC62196

Stationary charging station for electric vehicles.

Stationary charging station for electric vehicles.

electric vehicles

Convenient as for owners of electric vehicles living in multi-storey buildings and charging cars under the house, parking or parking, and for owners of shops, cafes, service stations and other objects, especially along suburban highways to attract customers who operate electric vehicles, the number of which is growing day by day .

Execution options:
- placement: on the street or indoors (garage, parking)
- mounting: on the wall or on the rack
- housing type: open (the connector and cable are not protected) or closed, the door opens automatically or with a key (the connector and cable are hidden in the box)
- case material: metal box, anti-vandal metal box or plastic box
- control unit: can be placed directly in the box, and in another room
- control: manual (switch, automatic)

- power: from 2 KW to 22 KW, depending on the supply network

- connector: Type 1 (J1772 or USA) 40A 10Kwt 120-240V at the output of up to 10 kilowatts, ideal for bodice, volts, and so on
mounted on a wall or compactly packed into a casing with a key

Type 2 (Europe) with the possibility of charging your car with three-phase alternating voltage AC 380 Volt up to 40A maximum charging power can be up to 22 kW (depends on the auto inverter)

- method of accounting for consumed electricity: direct (counter), indirect (fixing time and power) or without
- additional automation: time relay (two-tariff metering), voltage relay (protection of an electric vehicle against the negative effects of a voltage drop during charging)
We also adapt American charging (Nissan, BMW, Chevrolet, Fiat, Mercedes) under our network.
There are also boards, connectors, sockets, cables and more. Write, always answer.

electric vehicles

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