ev charging , electric vehicle charging solution, level 2 ev charger
ev charging , electric vehicle charging solution, level 2 ev charger

Electric vehicle charging solution

When is the right time for EV charging?

When to ev charging, it can be based on battery usage. Under normal circumstances, it’s the most suitable to ev charging when 20%-30% of the remaining power. In actual use, if the remaining power is less than 50%, you can charge it as needed.

How long is suitable for charging of ev charging?

It’s ok for EV full of electricity. The charging time is too short or too long, which will shorten the battery life, even cause safety accidents in severe cases. We often hear "charging 8 hours", which means that when the battery is completely out of power, it will take about 8 hours to fully charge.

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Can we charging immediately after driving?

It can not be charged immediately after driving, because the battery temperature will gradually increase during driving, and charging immediately after the end of driving will not only damage the battery, but also cause spontaneous combustion in severe cases. Generally, wait at least 10 minutes after diving, and recharge  when the battery is cool . In summer, the ambient temperature is high and the waiting time can be extended appropriately.

ev charging, is there a requirement for the environment?

In general, 25 ° C  is the optimum ambient temperature for ev charging. but in most cases we can’t meet this condition. In real life, it is best to charge in a dry, ventilated, no direct sunlight environment. Be careful not to park the electric car in a closed space such as indoors, corridor, and do not occupy or block the evacuation passage and the safety exit. 

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