electric car charging, electric vehicle charging, safe ev charging
electric car charging, electric vehicle charging, safe ev charging

What You Should Know for Electric Car Charging — Precautions of Electric Vehicle Charging

With the government attaches more and more importance on the environmental protection and energy conservation in various countries, the electric vehicles is widely used in the society, which is likely to replace traditional fuel vehicles. When it comes to electric vehicles, it is necessary to talk about charging. For the safety and convenience of electric car charging, there are some things you should take attentions:

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First, try to use good quality ev charger and socket or equip with distribution box socket for electric car charging (rated current≥16A). Usually, the electric car charging equipment made by big brands supplier are trustworthy. When you charging you electric car, there must be no flammable materials within 0.5 meters.

Second, when using the extension cord power strip for electric car charging, the rated current and the socket of the power strip should be above 16A. The power strip should not be placed on the flammable materials (sofa, seat, car). It should be placed on the cement brick or floor tiles with a high place to prevent children from touching. The Charging Cable Control Box shall not be covered and it must keep away from flammable materials when the Electric car is charging.

Third, when the electric car charging plug is ablated, it should be stopped charging immediately. At the same time, disassemble and check the electrode spring piece of the power strip to polish and restore elasticity.

Forth, the allowable current of the power supply line should be checked to prevent the current from exceeding the limit.

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