Smart EV Charger Manufacturer --- Khons on eMove360 Europe 2018

Smart EV Charger Manufacturer — Khons on eMove360 Europe 2018

EMove360 Expo started on 16th Oct, 2018. The manufacturers and users of EV industry from all over the world are gathered here to showcase the current status and prospects of the new energy automobiles. At the same time, the Expo also provides manufacturers and users with a complete new generation of sustainable transportation solutions. Khons as one of the famous manufacturer of electric vehicle charger in China, it attracts many customers to visit during the first two days in the Expo.


Smart EV Charger  

The Star Product --- smart ev charger 2.0
The smart ev charger 2.0 is an updating version of portable ev charger 1.0. It’s easier to handle. “Timer” button is to preset charging time, which means you can charge ev at any preset time. The design is to relieve the pressure of power network and save costs of charging. “Amp” button is to adjust current from 6a-32a. The charger is with AC&DC protection, making you charging more safer. You will know more function of the new smart ev charger from the following picture


Smart EV Charger



Order in the eMove 360
Many customers showed their interests on our new version of smart ev charger 2.0. They highly praised the charger for its security, intelligence and convenience. Especially the function “Preset charging time” is impressive and popular among customers. Some customer ordered the charger on the Expo.


Smart EV Charger

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China’s first manufacturer of adjustable 1 phase to 3 phase portable EV charger.