What is the 3kw home portable car charging for Nissan leaf? recommended

Nissa leaf EV portable car charging gun Electric car charger recommended

As we know, Nissa leaf EV is a very good-selling new energy electric car, but some consumers are worried that it will be very troublesome to charging a new energy car. Actually, new energy vehicles can be recharged at home, and the charging method at home is very simple, only a portable car charging gun is needed.

portable car charging

At present, the Khons brand has introduced a portable car charging for Nissa leaf ev, which can be charged by directly plugging in a 16A household socket.

The reporter found that the quality of the Khons portable car charging gun is very good, and is much better than the home charger given by the 4S shop owner.

portable car charging

Khons portable car charging gun can still be used under extreme weather conditions. Below -30 °C, Nissa leaf ev can still be charged normally, ensuring that Nissa leaf EV does not reduce charging efficiency in extremely cold and extremely hot areas, endurance is not attenuated, no Seasonal restrictions.

Directly plug in the household 220V 16A three-eye socket to charge the car, the maximum charging power is 3.3KW, and the car can be fully charged by charging for 6~8 hours at night. And the electricity bill is very cheap at night. In this way, using a portable car   charging gun is the most cost-effective way to charge.

portable car charging

The big advantage of Khons new energy car charging gun is very convenient to carry. You can put it  in the trunk of the car, you can take it out at any time, and then charge the electric car on the 16A household socket. Eliminate the pain of finding electric vehicle charging piles.

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