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KHONS at e-Move 360°

In 15-17th, 2019, Chengdu Khons joined the eMove 360 ° in Munich, Germany.

During this event, our customers witnessed the excellent charging quality of Khons' new compact 22kW AC charging box.

Like the Khons series of AC chargers, the new AC Fast Charger is ideal for use in offices, dealers and public parking lots. However, because the AC charger directly supplies 24 kW of power to the vehicle's battery, it can achieve faster charging times than a typical 6 kW rated on-board converter.

Merry Zhang, head of Khons' global electric vehicle charging business, explained: “When charging with AC equipment, power supplies are often limited by on-board converters. These converters are typically rated at 3.3, 6 or 7 kW, available from charging stations. Any extra power is not used.

"The portable ev charger has a high 40A output current that can be powered directly to the battery, bypassing the converter's limits and providing fast and efficient charging.

“We hope that the portable ev charger will support private car owners and businesses to adopt more electric mobility solutions and be proud of their ability to make further progress on zero-emissions.”

Khons portable ev charger can automatically adjust the current, cool technology blue light ring, IP65, 1.5-inch full color daylight-readable display, the operation is very simple. The main functions include: single-phase three-way switching, which can output 50 kilometers per hour for scheduled charging time. The output voltage can reach 400V.

We are on display at Booth 118-1 in Hall A5 of eMove 360 ° ( in Munich, Germany.

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China’s first manufacturer of adjustable 1 phase to 3 phase portable EV charger.