Have You Used An EV Portable Electric Charger? Does It Work Well?

Have You Used An EV Portable Electric Charger? Does It Work Well?

It’s common that people will get an ev portable electric charger that is freely sent by manufacturers. The truth is some owners have not even opened the packaging, but it is such an inconspicuous charging cable. It is indeed a "life-saving straw" in the case of your car broken down half-way. But if even this "life-saving straw" goes on strike, your journey can be imagined.


The free EV portable electric charger sent by manufacturer has been tested by the market and it turned out that it has following three problems:


First, the power of chargers installed in different brands of electric vehicles. Considering the size, cost and technology, so different models need different overload currents.


Second, the ev portable electric charger is charged on the socket of the civil power. The quality of the civilian socket are not so good, so that the plug and socket may not be well matched with each other. The socket may be overheated or damaged when charging time is too long.


Third, the control box is also one of the problems, most of which are in the connection between the control board and the cable. Due to the long-term overcurrent, the temperature is increasing and the motherboard will be burnt.


In response to the above problems, Khons has improved an ev portable electric charger with first-class quality, full adaptation and lower cost. The main points are as follows:


First, the control board can adjust the current, so that a charger adapts to all over-current requirements in the market.


Second, the charging cable has increased the temperature control design --- Type A RCD. When the battery is charged for a long time, the current will automatically cut off when the temperature reaches 80 degrees. After the temperature drops, it will continue charging, avoiding the burning of charging plug and the control board.


Third, it can preset charging time, which means you can charge you EV anytime you want. Considering the cost of power fare and peak charging time, you can choose to charger at middle night. Just need press the “Timer” button to schedule the time.


For the safety of you and your EV, let’s start with KHONS portable ev charger!

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