What is an electric car charging gun? Design principle analysis

What is an electric car charging gun? Design principle analysis

Electric vehicle charging guns are mainly used to charge electric vehicles. The charging gun acts as an interface between the charging device and the rechargeable battery of the electric vehicle. The state has mandatory standards. All charging piles and electric vehicle manufacturers must abide by it to ensure the consistency of the connection between the pile and the gun.

The charging gun is divided into 7 joints (AC piles) and 9 joints (DC piles). Each joint represents a different power source or control signal, and the specific national standard has regulations.
The core component of a portable car charging gun is the control box. Although it seems to be inconspicuous, in fact, there is a core technology in the control box. There are several items related to the invention patent. Therefore, when consumers buy a car charging gun, they can't just look at the price of the car charging gun. It is too cheap to buy.
New energy car charging guns, all brands of car charging guns are required to have over-voltage protection, lightning protection, output short-circuit protection, leakage protection and over-current protection and other protection devices, and there is a leakage protector in the standby or charging process If there is leakage, it will trip in time to protect the personal safety of customers.

Electric vehicle charging gun design principle
Household AC slow charging is based on the existing residential power supply system (using single-phase 220V or three-phase 380V), using a charger of 5-10kW power level (in fact, it is an AC to DC, the output voltage may not be low), Convert to DC to charge the battery inside the car.

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